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Jobbik Proposes Special Guard to Oversee Migrant Workers

Hungary today, Hungary, 15 May 2019 - The opposition nationalist Jobbik party is proposing the establishment of a special guard that would be tasked with overseeing migrant workers in Hungary.

The guard would be charged with overseeing public order and carrying out employment and public health checks relating to migrant workers, Márton Gyöngyösi, the party’s top MEP candidate, told a press conference on Tuesday. Gyöngyösi warned that importing foreign workers to Hungary would have “unforeseeable consequences”.

The guard proposed by Jobbik would be charged with making sure that companies adhere to the so-called Hungarian quota, another Jobbik proposal, meaning that if a company employs more than ten people, at least 90 percent of their employees must be European Union citizens, he said.

Gyöngyösi, who is Jobbik’s deputy leader, said people at his party’s outdoor forums were intimidated by the Hungarian government’s policy of importing foreign workers.

He accused the government of accepting the emigration of Hungarians while bringing in migrant workers with a view to keeping wages low.  Instead of importing cheap labor, the government should work to attract back Hungarians who have moved abroad by offering them European wages, Gyöngyösi said.


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