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Japan urged to welcome more skilled migrants

In this article in The Australian from November 26, you can read about a possible expansion of Japan's immigration system.

"It will be opened up under a proposal put to the government by a leading international affairs think tank.

Under the proposal of the Japan Forum on International Relations, Japan would adopt a skills-based migration system and put in place social integration policies to prevent the kind of tensions seen in Europe over immigration.

While Japan historically has been reluctant to allow large-scale immigration, some opinion leaders now see it as the only way to boost domestic demand, re-energise the economy and fill labour shortages.

What Japan does on immigration will be keenly watched by multinational companies and capital markets. The country has lost favour as an investment destination because of economic and political stagnation, high corporate tax levels and a range of other factors, including the rise of China.

But it remains the world's third-largest economy and a massive market for goods and services, so if a path to growth can be found, some of the lost interest and investment will come back."

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