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Int'l community calls for greater cooperation on skilling of migrant workers

Philippine Information Agency, Philippines, 26 January 2021 - Governments, business sector, local governments, youth, and civil society groups working for the protection of migrant workers across the globe called for greater cooperation on skilling migrant workers for employment as a strategic response to COVID-19 pandemic.

At the 13th Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD) Summit’s Roundtable Discussion on Skilling Migrants for Employment co-chaired by the Philippines and the United Kingdom, stakeholders pushed for concerted action of the international community in developing policy responses for effective skilling of migrants and ensuring their rights and contributions are addressed.

With Presidential Assistant on Foreign Affairs (PAFA) and Chief of Presidential Protocol Robert E.A. Borje as co-chair, the virtual roundtable discussion took a closer look at the issue of skilling, human mobility and enhancing access to training and education for migrant workers.

During the roundtable, Borje pointed out the need for rights based and human rights centered approach to skilling. He said countries can leverage on best practices in skilling strategies where migrants are recognized as contributors to sustainable development.

The Philippines focused on migrant workers’ empowerment by highlighting that skilling is not just to increase productivity but also to protect them and uplift their human dignity – capacitating them with their rights to arm them against inequality and exploitation.

As one of the staunchest advocates for upholding and protecting the rights, welfare and being of migrant workers, the Philippines emphasized that skilling labor migrants is imperative for them to rise from being merely a passive factor of production, which commodifies them.

“President Rodrigo Roa Duterte’s policy guidance remains clear and explicit — protect the rights and ensure the welfare of all Filipinos overseas. He declared, “The Filipino is no slave to anyone, anywhere and everywhere”,” said Borje, adding that President Duterte “recognized our migrant workers’ heroism and their contributions to socio- economic development at home and in their countries of residence.”



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