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Govt urged to create more employment, to stop foreign exodus

Eleven Myanmar, 25 March 2017 - More and more middle-aged Myanmar nationals are migrating to other countries, despite the Myanmar New Year getting closer, chairperson of Joint Action Committee for Myanmar Citizens Moe Kyo has said.


He urged the government to create more employment opportunities for workers.

Moe Kyo said: “The new government should create more employment opportunities and labour wages ... the fact that more people are leaving the country for employment is evidence of poor job opportunities.”

“Our nationals have to do ‘the three D work’ – dirty, difficult and dangerous, which other country’s citizens do not want to do.

“Most Myanmar migrant workers are working in Thailand. They do not earn wages as prescribed by the Thai laws. They cannot access social security and labour rights there. However, they have to work there since wages are higher than in Myanmar and there are employment opportunities,” he said.

Migrant worker Ko Soe said Myanmar migrants were allowed to sell things if they gave money to the police in other countries. “However, we cannot sell now [under the Prayut administration].”

The chairperson of the Myawaddy border traders association said: “It is sad to see young people aged between 20 and 30 departing from the borderline daily. This is a loss of our human resources. We need to create job opportunities in the country. The provisions of the Myanmar Investment Commission Law have to be liberalised.”

According to authorities at the Myawaddy border, the numbers of people who departed – officially– this year to work in Thailand were: 4,309 men and 3,017 women in January, 4,369 men and 3,702 women in February, plus similar numbers this month.


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