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Filipino domestic helpers in HK push for minimum wage to be increased to P38,000, China, 30 July 2019 - Representatives of foreign worker groups in Hong Kong recently asked the country’s Labour Department to increase the minimum wage for domestic workers.

The department met with them last Wednesday, July 24, to discuss the decision of raising the current minimum wage and food allowance, as per Hong Kong News on the same day.

Leaders from the United Filipinos in Hong Kong-Migrante, the Asian Migrants’ Coordinating Body and the Hong Kong Federation of Asian Domestic Workers Unions were among the representatives present at the dialogue with the department.

Members of the groups requested for the minimum wage to be increased to HK$5,894 (around P38,000), the report stated. The present minimum wage in Hong Kong for foreign domestic helpers is set at HK$4,520 (P29,000).

The migrant workers also asked for the food allowance to be raised from the current rate of HK$1,075 (almost P7,000) to HK$2,500 (P16,000).

According to the report, majority of employers already provide their domestic helpers with food but may opt to give them food allowance instead.

The workers also brought up concerns of Filipino domestic helpers regarding insufficient food, the need for “suitable” accommodation and an end to illegal placement fees, among others.

The department is expected to have a decision about the wage hike by September, as per report.


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