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Every step a miracle, says Filipino migrant worker who survived Lucky Plaza crash in Singapore

Channel News Asia, Singapore, 25 December 2020 - It's been a long journey for the 57-year-old over the last year. A journey of physical and mental recovery, after a car crash outside a shopping mall in Singapore last December left the foreign domestic worker injured and her sister Arlyn dead.

Speaking to CNA from her hometown of Caba in the northern Philippines, Arceli recalled the fatal car crash at Lucky Plaza on Dec 29 last year that left two dead and four injured.

Despite the heartbreak of losing her sister, she said she is not one to wallow in grudges and despair, because there is just too much to be grateful for.

“My employer, loved ones and my sister-in-law always visited me. God is with me. Fellow domestic workers visited during their day off. My employers visited when they had time. My nurses were kind, many of them Filipinos,” she said, smiling.

"Think positively. Even when I was in the hospital, I didn't treat it as a problem. Fight on."

After being discharged from the hospital, Arceli stayed with her employer for a month. They welcomed her back with a cake.

"I couldn’t work. My employer had to take care of me," said Arceli.

Arceli was on her day off, out with friends and family when the crash happened.

Ms Abigail Danao Leste, 41, and Arlyn, 50, were taken to the hospital, where they died from their injuries.

Besides Arceli, the other three injured were Ms Laila Flores Laudencia and cousins Ms Egnal Layugan Limbauan and Ms Demet Limbauan Limbauan.

Chong Kim Hoe, the 64-year-old driver, was charged in September this year under the Road Traffic Act for dangerous driving causing death, dangerous driving causing grievous hurt and dangerous driving causing hurt.



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