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Domestic workers day slated for Feb. 15

An article from the Jakarta Post published on 14 February.

The below article is from the Jakarta Post ( Domestic workers day slated for Feb. 15)

"Activists will demand stronger protection of domestic workers from excessive working hours, physical and sexual abuse and underpaid and unpaid salaries during the observation of Domestic Workers Day on Feb. 15, according to a network of domestic worker NGOs.

“The Indonesian government should provide stronger legal protections to domestic workers by enacting [the proposed] law on domestic worker protection and the Convention on Proper Jobs for Domestic Workers,” said a representative from the National Network for Domestic Workers Advocacy (Jala PRT) on Sunday.

This year’s celebration would be marked by discussions, a rally, and appearances on radio and television talk shows on Monday in Jakarta Denpasar, Lampung, Medan, Palembang, Pontianak, Samarinda, Semarang, Solo, Surabaya and Yogyakarta.

In Mataram, a domestic worker fled from her employers on Sunday, after allegedly being tortured, Jala PRT reported in a press release.

Kamrah, 32, from Dasan Bagek, East Lombok, fled from her employer’s house at the BTN Panorama Alam complex in North Rembiga, Mataram.

The domestic worker fled by jumping over the wall of her employer’s house, alleging poor treatment. Kamrah said she did not been paid in 10 months."

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