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Child trafficking

This article from Radio Free Asia is about trafficking from Lao PDR to Thailand and specifically depicts how trafficked Lao children were rescued from a factory in Thailand.
Child trafficking

Picture from Radio Free Asia

"On Jan. 11, two young Lao girls escaped from a vegetable pickling facility in Thailand’s Nonthaburi province, about 20 miles (32 kilometers) north of Bangkok, and informed police that their friends were still held captive there by the factory’s owner.

The girls told police that, while they had been receiving pay, they had been forced to work extremely hard for at least 10 hours a day.

They said that they were required to wake up by 2 a.m. to continue their work and that if they did not work hard enough, they would be beaten by factory officials.

The next day, police raided the factory and rescued 50 more girls, many of who were under the age of 15.

Police Captain Tanupon Panswat, head of Thailand’s anti-human trafficking unit, said that in addition to strenuous working conditions, many of the girls were suffering from rotted toes and fingers because they were forced to handle chemicals purportedly used for processing the vegetables.

“All of these little girls lived in a very tightly packed place,” Panswat said.

“These 50 little girls–most of them are under 15 years old. Their parents paid women traffickers 8,000 baht (about U.S. $250) each to work at these factories.”

The girls said that they had been told by the traffickers that they would receive jobs at a candy factory, but ended up with jobs involving the processing of vegetables."


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