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Bangladesh’s Mahbub is now a 'hero' in South Korea

Prothom Alo, South Korea, 30 March 2021 - Mahbub Alam has become a famous face in South Korea after struggling hard as a migrant.

Mahbub Alam has come far by acting in the films. He has played the lead roles in several films including “Bandhobi” and “City of Crane”. He also received the president award of South Korea in 2012.

Mahbub, who studied at the Government Tolaram College in Narayanganj, is now the CEO of the M and M International, a film production and distribution company in South Korea. He is also the director of the Bangladesh cultural association in Korea.

Films starring Mahbub Alam include “My friend and his wife”, “Where is Ronny”, “Bandhobi”, “The City of Crane”, “Pained”, “You are my Vampire”, “Perfect proposal”, “Asura: City of Madness” and “Love in Korea”.

Although Mahbub is successful now, his start was not so smooth. When he was around 21 or 22 years old, Mahbub left home for South Korea to earn money for his mother’s treatment in 1999. He started working in a hazardous and unhygienic garments factory.

Unfortunately, seven months later his mother died. Mahbub’s elder brother was already in South Korea. Although his brother left South Korea, he stayed on in a bid to change his fortune.

While talking to Prothom Alo over WhatsApp, Mahbub kept recalling his migrant life. He said that the media publishes negative news about migrant workers most of the time.



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