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Measuring progress towards decent work in Thai fishing and seafood industry

International Labour Organization, Thailand, 7 March 2018 - The ILO Ship to Shore Rights Project (funded by the European Union) assessed working conditions in the fishing and seafood industry in Thailand, a subject of intense global scrutiny in the last three years.

Posted by Ying Yang at Mar 09, 2018 07:43 PM |
Southeast Asia's vulnerable migrants pose an economic dilemma

Asian Review, Asia, 6 March 2018 - A court case unfolding in Bangkok has focused attention on the lives of migrant workers in Southeast Asia, albeit with an unexpected twist. This time, an employer accused of abuse is suing its former employees.

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High Court ruling on ‘live-in’ rule guarantees further abuse of Hong Kong’s domestic workers

Hong Kong Free Press, China, 4 March 2018 - For many years, Hong Kong’s most vulnerable foreign residents—domestic workers who mostly hail from Indonesia and the Philippines and who today number some 350,000—have been treated as second-class citizens whose rank exploitation has been largely dismissed and ignored.

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Shining new light on the UN Migrant Workers Convention Category: Edited collections

The UN Migrant Workers Convention is the most comprehensive international treaty in the field of migration and human rights. Adopted in 1990 and in force since 2003, it establishes the minimum standards of human rights protection to which migrant workers and members of their families are entitled. However, it is the least well known of the core international human rights instruments and has so far been ratified by only 51 states. This volume shines new light on obstacles and opportunities facing the Convention, its added value in international human rights law and its application in selected state parties. It combines the expertise of academics and practitioners, with the contributions of the latter informed by work on policy and advocacy in NGOs, international organisations and specialised agencies.

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Baseline research findings on fishers and seafood workers in Thailand

The ILO Ship to Shore Rights Project (funded by the European Union) assessed working conditions in the fishing and seafood industry in Thailand. The research covers both fishing and seafood processing including aquaculture.

Posted by Ying Yang at Mar 07, 2018 12:00 AM |
Migration in the 2030 Agenda

In September 2015, the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda was adopted, and for the first time, migration was included in mainstream global development policy. With the objective of communicating how IOM identifies migration in the 2030 Agenda to stakeholders and the wider public, and to shed light on the complex challenges and opportunities that accompany the migration-related targets, this IOM publication aims to showcase how different areas of migration are addressed in the Sustainable Development Goals. Table of contents: Foreword Acknowledgements Introduction Diaspora engagement and the Sustainable Development Goals Implementation of the migration, environment and climate change-related commitments of the 2030 Agenda Migration and health in the Sustainable Development Goals Achieving gender equality through migration governance:Opportunities and solutions in support of the Sustainable Development Agenda The Sustainable Development Goals and labour mobility: A case study of Armenia Migrants and cities: Challenges and opportunities Migration and environmental change in the Sustainable Development Goals The Sustainable Development Goals in the prevention and resolution of displacement Children and migration in the Sustainable Development Goals

Posted by Ying Yang at Feb 06, 2018 10:15 PM |
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